Saturday, January 29, 2011


bismillah hirrahman nirrahim…..

               based on my point of view, the word “A Joy Of Work” was starting appeared during the Art Nouveau movement was take over the dark ages during the 20th century. seems the name “Art Nouveau” meant new art in French meanwhile Jugendstil meants ‘Youth Syle’ in German has gave an opportunity to the artist at that time to produce an art work or masterpiece according to their creativity and style without making any restriction  along the process. most of the subject matter that has been taken or used are based from nature for instance flora and fauna. it is characterized by organic, especially floral and other plant-inspired motifs, as well as highly stylized, flowing curvilinear forms.

                Art Nouveau is an approach to design according to which artists should work on everything from architecture to furniture, making art part of everyday life. seems that all the motif that has been used to produced an artwork at that time are mostly from nature, it is enough to show the originality and harmony of the particular artwork. the artist was felt freedom during produce an artwork based on the composition or the originality of the subject matter. for me, for example we took one of the interior design which has been design by Victor Horta which called Tassel House.

                       through the design we can see that there are correlation between one angle to another angle inside the interior design. it showed that the designer/ artist was felt very interested, happy, freedom and joy in order to decorate the space of the particular building/ house until there are no any single space that have been not utilize. compared to the art & craft period, it is more concerned and emphasized on the process of design which has been mentioned by William Morris. during the Art Nouveau period, the designers and artist has been given an opportunity to make an exploration on the material and medium that will be used on their artwork/ design. because of this matter also has gives to them an idea/ inspiration to produce/ create an interesting and tremendous design/ artwork.


  1. I still think Arts and Crafts suits this joy of work impression.haha.but, come to think of it,somehow art nouveau kind of fits in too.Great opinion!!hihi.

  2. sebenarnya aku pun tak tau apa yang aku tulis.....cuba nak jadi hebat cam korang.....english berhabuk........